REFONTE INFINI launches its ‘Scientific Trading Robot’ for the Public in 2023

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Refonte Infini

Gennevilliers, Ile-de-France Sep 26, 2023 ( – The development that started back in 2016 is now in the hands of every company and individual as REFONTE INFINI has launched its ‘Scientific Trading Robot’ for everyone. With its access to the public, there will be greater success for the crypto traders in the market. The company has been running for 7 years and now, finally, it is open to all. This latest Artificial Intelligence based model utilizes Scientific Algorithmic Trading which can offer a greater advantage in the crypto market. It utilizes the Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) in order to find out the clusters in the cryptocurrency futures market. This highly advanced AI-based crypto trading offers a greater opportunity to gain profit in the market. Since its production deployment in 2018, the Scientific Trading Robot was able to generate a monthly profit of about 9% per month. Evidently, it can be highly beneficial for users around the world.

The Scientific Trading Robot also utilizes the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) besides the GMM to determine regime changes in the crypto market. Similarly, the AI uses Jonhson Su’s model for the entry point of the Trailing Stop Loss. The AI utilizes the exit point along with more than 100,000 explanatory variables which are significantly reducible, thanks to its stepwise regression. With the boom in technological advancement in the financial industry as well as the crypto market, algorithmic trading (TA) and high-frequency trading (HFT) have become an integral part of trading in all aspects. In order to grow consistently in the market, AI uses TA and HFT with historical data in a ‘trial and tested’ manner to confirm whether it offers good returns on the real market. Assuring greater Return on Investment (ROI); this latest AI model can bring convenience to the field of algorithmic trading with better accuracy.

Refonte Infini is well revered for its development of innovative financial products, particularly in the field of Scientific Trading Robot which is still unexplored by many. Pioneering this project, the company has been performing intricate research in order to create this highly advanced trading AI from nothing but scratch. Entirely based on C++ programming language, the AI efficiently performs parallel calculations on 10,000 servers. Among them, 2000 quantum servers are included that are distributed over 120 data centers around the globe. The optimal points of the results are determined by utilizing the ‘Generalized Reduced Gradient (GRG) nonlinear’ method, the ‘ROC Curve’, and the Simplex method which offers good results with maximum accuracy. This AI-based Robot is able to generate up to 11% profit every month.

Cryptocurrencies have an insignificant impact on the modern currency market as its volume of transactions for daily trading is much lower than the Forex which is around 6600 billion US dollars. However, it is important to observe and study the new financial ecosystem that is emerging in the market. Anticipating the future of exchange rates and digital currencies can help to find potential investment opportunities while preventing the drifts of crises and bubbles in the market. With this objective, Elie Ngongang, Professor of Economics and Quantitative Techniques, and Yvan Jorel Ngaleu Ngoyi, Ph.D. in Scientific Algorithmic Trading, conducted research on the application of the GMM model on trading that is known as “Forex Daytrading Strategy: An Application of the Gaussian Mixture Model to Marginalized Currency Pairs in Africa.”

In the research, the GMM was independently able to estimate the returns of six African currency pairs namely, USDZAR, USDEGP, USDMAD, USDNGN, USDMUR, and USDKES. The accuracy was nearly 56.379% and offered the highest return of 73.887%. Based on the results, the company developed a trading robot that can be deployed at production in the exchange rate market while running in real-time. The research showed significant progress in the field of trading democratization, and Refonte Infini utilized it in developing the Scientific Trading Robot. The successful result of the research along with the expertise of the company blended together in order to create this revolutionary progress in the field of cryptocurrency trading. In order to secure the user funds, the company has employed key principles to govern the scientific trading robot. With a commitment to never hold overnight positions, it utilized Convex/Long Volatility/Tail Hedge strategies along with a strict Daily Stop Loss policy which is caped at 5% of the nominal Account Value. Allowing prospective users to predict potential gains, the AI-based robot paves the way for sustainable progress in the coming days.

Those who are looking forward to getting access to the Scientific Trading Robot can register themselves on the official website of the company. No monetary investment is required for the process and the project will soon be running at full throttle with the approval of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF). It will take about 3 months to process the document and the company has decided to waste no time during this phase. Currently, it is inviting all interested companies and individuals from around the world to register and secure their place for early access. It takes only a few seconds to register and helps users embark on a successful trading journey for cryptocurrency. The company has also created a channel and group on Telegram as well as Discord and TikTok to offer more updates on the progress.

Refonte Infini is best known as a foundation that is capable of harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in the field of global trading market as well as the market for cryptocurrency. With its passionate and dedicated workforce, the company has developed the Scientific Trading Robot which is now released for everyone, the general public. Those who want to know more can find more information on the social media handles. Follow Infini on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X, or Twitter as well as on LinkedIn to get more updates in the coming days. This cutting-edge French company is not only empowering the nation of France, but the whole world. Find out more about them at

Scientific Trading Robot by Refonte Infini

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