A new wave of queer stories enters the literary world

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No longer is every book going to show love as an undeniable pull that can’t be ignored, but a part of life that can be chosen and directed.

London, England Mar 21, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – As a new wave of stories enters the literary world, one author is sure to stand out with her focus on love and how it affects every aspect of life. Kiana Firouz is now living in London, the producer has made space for herself and her work as she creates dynamic and intriguing characters. Her stories focus on the ability to choose within love just as choices are made in all other areas of life, and are love stories to the places that have touched her life and her heart, making her who she is today.

Growing up in Tehran there were no love stories that spoke of the LGBTQ+ community and that leaves so many without representation in their own books. People everywhere find solace in books, novels, movies, and stories however they are presented. Not being able to find any reflections of themselves in media can be disappointing, can lead to a lack of connection to the world, and can cause people to feel unseen or unheard. Kiana is using her ability to weave a beautiful story and touch hearts to make art that reflects everyone in her community.

Creating works that tell of love from all angles is certain to reach people who are not currently finding what they are looking for in traditional love stories. These strive to show the complexity of real situations, the decision that people make to love from within a relationship or love from afar when necessary. There is no one set mode to reach happily ever after but a set of decisions along the way that encourage people to step away from what is not healthy, to choose the path that will bring them the most joy, and to consider all of the other emotions and types of love that exist. Her stories show love as raw, real, and how it brings about not only inspiration but can also bring torment, longing, and painful decisions.

Two works have been released together, and one is set to release in June 2023. Each has a background that is as unique as the stories they tell. Gordafarid Is a Queer, An Artery, and Lines have each had their own journey into existence. As a producer who works with short films and television as well as novel writing, the unique experiences that come from those forms of media have helped to shape the development of this work. Lines, in particular, was originally intended to be a screenplay that would find its way to the movie screen before it was shaped and altered into the graphic novel that it presents today.

Each of these works is meeting a need in communities around the world. It is fitting with the shift in the literary world that something new begin, that allows for a shift in not only the lesbians’ characters and stories but also in how love is viewed in general. No longer is every book going to show love as an undeniable pull that can’t be ignored, but as a part of life that can be chosen, directed, and enjoyed even when people are their flawed, original, and human selves.

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